Thorntonhall Farmhouse Ice Cream

Ice Cream Tubs

Ice Cream Tubs

Our delicious Ice Cream is made to the highest standards at Meikle Dripps Farm, Thorntonhall, on the southside of Glasgow.

Fresh milk together with the finest natural ingredients are carefully blended together to produce a luxurious silky smooth ice cream with a truly exceptional taste.

There are no artificial colours, stabilisers or emulsifiers in our ice cream-which is why our Mint Chocolate Chip is WHITE!

A wide range of ice cream and sorbet is available to purchase direct from the farm in 100ml and 500ml tubs. 

Cake Collage showing a selection of our cakes

Ice Cream Cakes

Christmas is fast approaching and we are now offering a large selection of ice cream tubs, ice cream cakes and logs available in our shop. These have sold like hot cakes in previous years and hopefully this year will be no different. More stock will be added to the online shop all through December.

Due to anticipated restrictions on large family gatherings over the festive period, we have decided to concentrate our production on ice cream logs which are perfect for a smaller gathering. We will however make a small number of larger cakes for the bigger appetites and larger households.

Ice Cream Cart & Pod

During the Coronavirus lockdown our Ice Cream Cart & Pod are unavailable to hire.

We will continue to review the situation and post any updates here.