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Voicemail - We ordered an ice cream cake for my son's birthday. It was the blackcurrant ripple and Honeycomb. Just phoning say how fantastic it was. We could not believe how delicious it was. We are sold on ice cream cakes for all our birthdays in the future. See you soon.

Thank you so much for bringing your delicious ice cream to our wedding reception.  All of our guests were raving about it and it really added a lovely element to our special day.  HG, Clarkston

Message from a bridegoom at a wedding we did ice cream at:-  Just wanted to say a massive thank you for Saturday, the guests were raving about the ice cream and I have to agree it was absolutely delicious.  Ill make sure I recommend you to anyone looking for ice cream.  Thanks again.  TM Hamilton

Hello my sister and I came down today for the first time and tried the white chocolate and chocolate plus ice-cream we both thought it was fantastic! So creamy! The ice cream was well worth the price! We live nearby so you'll be seeing us quite a lot haha.  Z &S :)

Hi, we met this afternoon - I'm the really fussy one! As I told you I think your ice cream is awesome! There is no comparison with xxxx and xxxx etc - it is far superior to them honestly! I even raved about it to the girl at the market cafe! I knew it was a natural ice cream but when I checked out the website and realised that it is made with milk straight from the milking that morning - WOW! We live in East Kilbride - a stone's throw away so when I can't resist the temptation I will be paying a visit! bought 5 individual tubs today cos I couldn't decide which flavour I liked best! AB. East Kilbride

Had the Calvados ice cream cake at Christmas.  It was scrumptious.  Even Kirsten who rarely eats dessert had some and loved it!!  Looking forward to the Scottish tablet one on New Years Day.  I know that will be great as I just love the Scottish tablet ice cream. IC. Glasgow

Just picked up the tablet ice cream. Couldn't wait till tomorrow to try it. One word,'amazing'. CC, Clarkston

Had the tablet ice cream cake at a lunch party on Friday. It was divine. Thought my friend Helen was going to faint with ecstacy as she ate it! Can't wait to try the Calvados one on Christmas day. IEC, Coatbridge

I just wanted it say a huge thank you for providing the ice cream cart at our wedding. You have no idea how many of the guests raved about it - it went down a treat. Once again thank you, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you.  LM Glasgow

I found your Pistachio Ice Cream at Whole Foods yesterday after years of searching for it on sale within Glasgow. It was amazing! Sadly, it's all finished now & I need to get more. MM Glasgow

Just to say I bought a tub of your R.Ripple Ice Cream from the new Whole Foods shop and the whole family loved it. SM Glasgow

Cake went down a storm tonight :-) Everyone loved it. Thanks x JT Glasgow

The cake was delicious thank you! :) AD Glasgow

Hey there! Just tasted passion fruit sorbet for the first time! Was blown away! It was gorgeous! Defo coming back for more!! WW, Glasgow

The Beer Ice Cream was a big hit! MB, Glasgow

I was lucky enough to sample an individual Ice Cream Cake. Fabulous, and such an easy and impressive dinner party dessert. Great photos, love the meringue cake. (Can anyone tell me why my diet doesn't seem to be working?) VF, Glasgow

The Passionfruit Ripple is all gone.  I was really sceptical because I dont usually like citrus with dairy, but there's just a lovely balance of flavours - will defo get that again!  Also tried the Cranachan, it's so rich and decadent. I want to get the Christmas Cake out and get stuck in! WW, Glasgow

Thorntonhall ice cream is devilishly moreish! They have a flavour to suit every palate, a definite must on any desert menu. Just wish I could get it nearer my home. TT, South Africa.

 This is the most amazing ice cream! JS, Paisley

Tried the Scottish Tablet Ice cream. Won't be buying it again for a while (maybe). It was gone in 2 days and I was the only one eating it!! Not good for a diabetic! IEC, Coatbridge

A hint for the tablet ice cream - hide it from everyone and then eat the whole lot yourself. Much too nice to share. TB Cumbernauld.

The kind of ice-cream you could eat naked in bed!! NB Cumbernauld

The ice-cream I got from you on Saturday? The honeycomb didn't even make it to Paula's house, my Uncle Stuart made off with that tub!! WW, Glasgow

Gees, I wish I'd just been chucked as that's the only valid reason for scoffin a whole tub of coconut ice-cream. Just tasted it n ur a legend! Aw never mind the diet ... Where's the spoon!" PV, Glasgow 

The best Ice Cream I have ever had the pleasure to taste - If you ever need a sampler I am your woman!  LB, Paisley.

hi there i was at the inverbeg inn last night and ordered the irn bru sorbet to say it was amazing is an understatement and a half is there any way of purchasing this direct and having it delivered? JC. Dunoon

My husband and I visited your shop yesterday on recommendation from our Son and we bought a large tub of tablet ice cream.  I would just like to say it "is to die for " and we are looking forward to our next visit to try another flavour. KG, Glasgow